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Full of dynamic and 80s rock energy, RVNGE is a demon in the city of angels. The band formed in 2019 by vocalist Matty Singh and guitarist Brandon Lee Syme. Drummer Mark De La O was recruited and they set out to conquer Los Angeles and beyond.

RVNGE has performed at famous Hollywood venues such as The Whiskey A Go Go and The Rainbow Bar and Grill. Influenced by Rage Against The Machine and the hip hop guitar playing of Tom Morello, the band has taken that influence and developed their own unique sound. RVNGE tracks will unleash your inner punk with heavy metal and pops of punk to blow out the speakers.

First to be written and recorded, “Lights Out” started up as a warm-up jam and quickly became their most notable track. The song dives into the feeling of being so attracted to someone that you fall into a punk rock daydream. The band wanted a track people could really dance to and serve as a fun escape.

“Revolution”, recently released October 13th, is the bands battle anthem. Vocalist Matty Singh touches on current social climates through his rebellious lyrics of anger towards corruption and immoralities.

RVNGE’s highly anticipated track “Decay” is heavy on the 90s metal sound. With full thrash guitar riffs, Brandon Lee proves a band only needs one guitarist to produce a high dynamic song. “Decay” talks about being stuck in one’s mind and the struggles of finding the way out of that mindset.

RVNGE has a drive to stay active even while they are waiting out the COVID pandemic.The band has many goals for the long term including global tours, an album, and connecting with their fans. RVNGE won’t stay silent during these times as they intend on recording and releasing new music. The newest singles “Lights Out” and “Revolution” are available for streaming and purchasing on all platforms. Future releases include “Decay” which is set to be released in January 2021.

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